Purple Tangie (Min. Order: 1 Ounce)


Purple Tangie

Say Hello to one of GDW’s most beautiful Sativa, Behold the amazing Purple Tangie! This wonderful sativa dominant strain was created through crossing our mouthwatering Tangie strain and an “secret” Purple strain.

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Tangie is a strain that has gained fame for its tanginess. It is zesty like citrus with a dash of orange. Its buds emanate the same citric profile too with its electric lime hue accentuated by the fiery yellow and orange hairs around the bud. However, its true power lies in its energizing Sativa effects which have enticed users all over the world. Buy purple tangie online.

Purple Tangie  For Sale

Without a doubt, Tangie was a standout among Sativa-dominant strains. Still, there was a breeder that wanted to enhance its hues, flavors, and effects by adding in a purple-based strain. Albeit unknown, its influence is evident in the streaks of purple and blue in its offspring as well as its subtle floral note. Buy purple tangie.

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Purple Tangie, like its main parent, is a potent predominantly Sativa strain that takes users to new heights with its high-flying effects. It has the energizing terpene profile of Tangie coupled with a sweet floral smoke that delivers a euphoric sensation throughout the body. Although mainly marketed to more experienced users, beginners may still enjoy the strain with the help of a seasoned friend.

Effects Of Purple Tangie

Purple Tangie has a long-lasting and uplifting high that starts almost immediately after the first few puffs. It starts with a rush of euphoria that begins in the head. As it swarms the mind, it leaves users feeling cheery as happy thoughts play in the mind like a movie reel.

The change in behavior is noticeable too. Not only do users smile from ear to ear but a fit of giggles slip out of the mouth too. Although, an interesting effect of the Sativa-dominant bud is that it has its users laughing either for no reason at all or for the most random things. However, if one needs to, the newly found zest for life can also be redirected to a focused concentration that results in heightened productivity. Purple Tangie strain for sale.


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